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Spray Imaging and Quality Control

LaVision’s SprayMaster imaging systems provide information on all relevant spray parameters in even the most complex spray application: complete geometrical spray characterization, liquid (vapor) mass and global droplet size distributions on laser light sheets, multiphase flow fields, mass flux, spray evaporation and propagation.
Global spray imaging using extended backlight or light sheet illumination is supported as well as high resolution imaging of µm-droplets.
SprayMaster systems are easy to operate, fast and efficient measurement tools suitable for R&D as well as quality control applications.

Laser Imaging in Sprays

LaVision‘s SprayMaster laser imaging system measures liquid (vapor) spray mass distributions and global droplet size maps on UV-laser light sheets. Flow field spray imaging is carried out with our well known FlowMaster PIV systems.

SprayMaster inspex

Our customized SprayMaster inspex systems using LED generated light sheets and backlight illumination are designed for quality control applications of sprays and spray nozzles.

Spray Geometry and Patternation

LaVision‘s Spray Geometry package is the universal software toolbox for the evaluation of all spray images. It extracts spray geometry and patternation data from backlight and light sheet spray images.

Laser Imaging in Dense Sprays: SLIPI

Intensity-modulated light sheet illumination is used to clean up blurred spray images due to multiple scattering effects and unwanted straylight.

Local Droplet Sizing

Local sizing of individual droplets is either performed on laser light sheets using interferometric imaging or applying high resolution shadowgraphy. Both techniques are used in our ParticleMaster imaging systems designed for size and shape analysis of particles and droplets.
Application matrix for SprayMaster imaging systems

Phase Doppler Interferometer: PDI

Measurement of drop size, velocity, number density and flux at points within the spray.





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