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PDI Theory of Operation

Artium's PDI system consists of an optical transmitter, optical receiver, signal processor (ASA), the instrument control computer, and the software (AIMS). Artium offers a variety of optical designs to meet different spray applications. Systems capable of measuring droplet size and 1-, 2-, or 3-components of velocity are available either in a modular or self-contained design configurations. The laser wavelengths and power can be customized based on the application and user needs. A flight probe design is available for in-flight applications such as cloud characterization or aircraft icing research. The standard flight probe is a capable of measuring size and a single component of velocity. A dual-size range flight probe is also available.

Click Here for an animated explanation of the Phase Doppler Interferometry system (requires Adobe ShockWave plug-in).


  • NEW!

    PDI Brochure (.pdf)
  • Artium Self-Contained PDI (.pdf)
    Artium's self-contained PDI has the transmitter and receiver optics in one package. This provides a simple-to-use instrument for fully turn-key operation with no alignment necessary.
  • Artium Modular PDI (.pdf)
    Artium's modular PDI instruments provide the most flexibility for laboratory and research applications.
  • Artium PDI Overview (.pdf)
    An overview of PDI and Artium's PDI instruments.
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