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Optical Measurements of Fluid-Structure Interactions

LaVision’s FlowMaster FSI system is designed to offer a flexible and innovative way to experimentally investigate the dynamics of a deformable and/or moving structure and the external or internal fluid flow that interacts with it.
These Fluid-Structure Interactions are described through the use of synchronizedParticle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and Digital Image Correlation (DIC) measurements. Using these non-intrusive and full-field techniques, theFlowMaster FSI system enables simultaneous fluid flow diagnostics and structural deformation and strain, that allow the user to perform a direct and intuitive analysis of such complex phenomena.

Investigations of Aeroelasticity

The analysis of aeroelastic phenomena is of great interest to aeronautic applications. The use of FlowMaster FSI systems facilitates new insight into complex phenomena such as aeroelastic flutter to be achieved, and the design of new aeronautic systems to be improved.

流体 - 机翼相互作用
New Cell

Bioscience Applications

The investigation of Fluid-Structure Interactions in Bio-engineering applications is acutely challenging, because separate techniques are usually required to measure the fluid flow and surface deformation. Using FlowMaster FSI systems, innovative research and new insights into this area of expertise is uncovered.


Investigations of Insects and
Birds Flight Dynamics

Insect and bird flight mechanisms are highly optimized processes that can yield valuable insights into the design of nature-inspired wing designs of the future. TheFlowMaster FSI system can provide a new tool for investigating such mechanism, which were previously unavailable due to the highly dynamic and extremely sensitive nature of this type of applications.

2D-/立体 PIV
FlowMaster FSI 系统组件

FlowMaster FSI
System Features
  • modular system design for seamless integration of PIV and DIC measurements
  • simultaneous and synchronized measurements of fluid flow and structural response
  • 3D data visualization for direct and intuitive analysis
  • POD analysis tool for quantitative investigations
  • combination of techniques for multi-parameter imaging upgradability
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